Air purifiers have not yet become accustomed to the attributes of the homes of most people. However, if you suffer from allergies, you should definitely consider buying such a device. Air Cleaner Housing buy today is not a problem. It is much more difficult to choose one that will not later unnecessary toy. The fact that these devices are, strictly speaking, are not medical devices, but nevertheless they are not as simple as electronic stores. No clear requirements to be met by this equipment, but because it is difficult to give specific recommendations, some air cleaner air pick. However, we will try to dot the «I», and the conclusions you make yourself.


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You know, pay attention to what manufacturers of air purifiers? clean air and the size of the dust particles that settle on their filters. He feels the same score each of the owners themselves. In one case, when a person endlessly consume Claritin and other antihistamines to relieve allergy symptoms, recovered within a few weeks after being installed home air purifier. Other results may not be as fantastic. Incidentally, some US manufacturers of air purifiers already pay for unfair advertising that promised customers complete freedom from allergies.

Be that as it may, the air cleaner - this is definitely a good thing. We begin to breathe more fresh air that can only have a positive effect, particularly in the long term.

For this reason, many allergists recommend their patients to purchase an air cleaner. From allergies completely, he does not deliver, however, it will certainly be one of the cornerstones of prevention of this disease. Many feel a significant improvement in their condition after the device gets to work on clearing air.

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Speaking of allergies to pollen, you should know that pollen, in principle, not in the air indefinitely. Did you see it under a microscope? It has a very intricate form and looks pretty rough, so quickly settles on various subjects. Air from allergy, of course, would be helpful if they are of sufficient quality and are able to capture the smallest particles sizes. However, they are probably on the second line of defense, rather than on the front. Yes, the air purifier for allergies does not help completely, but in many cases relieves its owner, for which this device is already possible to express my gratitude.

On the other hand, there is good evidence that air cleaners significantly improve the quality of life of patients with asthma. Especially children will feel it: reduces the number of attacks, reducing the need for visits to doctors. Air purifiers are effective for allergies to pet dander and house dust.

In general, we can say one thing - air purifier brings only good and nothing but good. The question is, what kind of air purifier you choose?

There are a variety of air purification technology: HEPA-filters, electrostatic and photocatalytic filters, ultraviolet lamps, and activated carbon.

Choose a cleaner should be based on floor space. Allergy sufferers need to look in the direction of the highest quality cleaners that can remove pollen, spores, dust, mold and tobacco smoke. Remember, filters require periodic replacement. Pay attention to their availability and cost. An important role is played by the quality of wiper assembly. Models may be unknown manufacturers, at least useless. Choose a device that simply enjoy. Many cleaners incorporate fan. If it hums like a jet plane, then you can be, reduced allergy symptoms, but a headache. Fan noise level should not exceed 35-40 dB. Well, and, of course, pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty. These are the main points that should be considered when choosing the air purifier for your home. Buy this unit is each person who feels fine only when breathing clean air.

Fellowes Air Purifiers are designed to be installed in an area of ​​the premises from 8 to 28 square meters. M. Manage them extremely convenient - with the help of the touch screen. The air goes through four stages of treatment, including with the use of the most effective for today HEPA-filters. Sensors assess indoor air quality and establish the appropriate air cleaning mode.

Fellowes US company pays great attention to the quality of our technology. Warranty and after-sales service is also at altitude. In almost all regions of Russia have service centers. On air purifiers three-year warranty.

If you do not have the air cleaner, note the model presented on our website. This is one of the most "advanced" to date on clearing air units. By setting a modern home air purifier, you will make a step towards a healthier life. Imagine how cool to breathe deeply and to forget about the endless handkerchiefs, napkins, nose drops and various antihistamines. Given the fact that the HEPA-filters trap up to 99, 995% of the dust, you can very likely assume that these air cleaners are an effective tool for any allergies.